Eric Zaworski.

I’m in Toronto.
You can reach me on Twitteremail and PGP.


— building New Currency.
— freelancing for various business development, marketing and content generation -based initiatives.
— ops with REVERE® (coming soon!)

My work can be found in:

— The Globe and Mail
— Highsnobiety
— Pitchfork
— Complex Magazine
— Exclaim!
— Pound Magazine
— The Wall Street Journal
— The Toronto Sun

I’ve also worked in:

television, tim hortons, magazines, bartending, epoxy flooring, valet parking, nightclubs, websites, the Ontario government, university offices, I was a rap recording judge at the JUNOs, a startup incubator, fashion photography, a chinese medicine clinic, both the Air Canada Centre and SkyDome, startups, consulted for #brands and #creatives, boutique clothing stores (guess what celebrity I sold a $2,500 Rick Owens Stooges jacket to!), a book chain and more.

Here’s my cv.

— ez