Testing the waters

Man it’s dusty around here. (Test post)

If you’re reading this, you probably came from my Twitter account, or because you Google’d me. Not sure which one is weirder, really. Probably the Google one. In any case, much has been happening in my life, as always it goes, and part of a new personal commitment to writing more is forcing myself to post things here, no matter what.

I was given a great compliment from an acquaintance, of how they would frequent my old Tumblr, which I kept going right up until 2016, and how they liked what I did.

Sidenote. Tumblr was great — had about as little a barrier to entry to participate as any social network would hope, but carried honest customization that, like Myspace and Livejournal, even, allowed your page to really become yours. To say nothing of the many successful and amazing people.

Here’s hoping I can make a good use of this space.

Also, test post.

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